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Why use JDM for Scaffolding Services in the Welling Area?

Scaffolding has long been a construction aid. The type of scaffolding systems that we use date back to the early 20th Century. Our scaffolding services can be used on small projects or large building site developments in the Welling area. The main reason for the longevity of our scaffolding systems are the many advantages they offer to the user.

JDM Scaffolding will show you the many advantages our scaffolding services havewith these simple pointers and observations:

Working at Height Safely

Scaffolding ensures you can work at height in safety because safety is a factor that should never be ignored. Our scaffolding erectors ensure that your own workers have a flat platform to work on, reducing any risks of falling and injury. Our scaffolding services also offer protection to the public or others working nearby.

Our Scaffolders make sure that everystructure we erect in the Welling area is safe to use before other personnel and contractors are allowedto access the tower.


A great advantage of scaffolding is the positioning it provides for your workforce to do their day-to-day jobs more efficiently. Ladders are an optionfor working at height but their lack of stabilitymeans they are not ideal for any job over a certain height.

Scaffolding ensures that contractors are exactly where they need to be and can work side-by-side with others to finish the job quickly and easily. This provides excellent productivity benefits for clients in Welling and all surrounding areas.

Difficult Access

Scaffolding is the most suitable way of allowing staff and crew access into areas that they would have previously struggled to reach without our scaffolding services. The height, width and layout of towers can be tailored to free up the maximum amount of space in areas with difficult access issues such as over temporary roofing.

The ability to access these difficult spacesmeans your own team will be able to work efficiently and safely at all times. Our scaffolding erectors are available to discuss all hard access issues with clients in the Welling area on a day-to-day basis.

A Customer-Focused Approach to Scaffolding

Our scaffolders take immense pride in all aspects of their work and our company approaches all scaffolding services with the outlook that once our team hasbuilt the structure and the required safety measures are in place, our erectionsshould become the backbone of a project.

We are committed to making sure that all our scaffolding is built to the highest standards. The same goes for our dedicated team of scaffold erectors who receive the best industry training. Weadhere to stringent health and safety laws, ensuring the elements of risk and employee safety on all projects in Welling are catered for completely.