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Our Scaffolding Services Cover the Whole of Gravesend

At JDM Scaffolding, we cover a very large area taking in 4 different counties. Much our work takes place in Gravesend, where there are always a large number of redevelopments going on. We pride ourselves on getting the job done safely and soundly with tailored scaffolding services that put the needs of the client first.

Our scaffolding erectors always work to a structured plan as they embark and constructevery scaffold tower:

Planning Ahead

Before our scaffolders leave the yard to work at your site in Gravesend, they make sure they have all the scaffolding equipment needed to complete the structure. Our company always take the time to go into the finest detail of what is needed.

Being short of the scaffolding equipment needed for a project can be highly inconvenient to the client and potentially dangerous for your workforce. Making the best of what we’ve got is something our scaffolding erectors simply don’t do.

Preparing the Site Properly

Foundations are paramount to the whole scaffolding construction. Our scaffolders are fully trained in all aspects of our scaffolding services. They know that constructing anything on unsound or uneven ground is a bad idea. The surface we use will always be as level as possible.Even in wet weather, ground should be compact and able to support the scaffold.

We ensure that land is suitable for scaffolding by visiting sites in Gravesend to perform full surveys in advance of every job. We will always alert you if we find significant issues that might affect scaffolding stability and find the best way to work around them.

Workplace Safety

On construction sites, health and safety is the number one priority for ourselves and for your own workforce. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is used at all times. We ensure all of our scaffolders are fully protected because cutting corners could cost lives. We always ensure scaffolding towers are as safe as possible.

Ladders are used on every completed level as well as access gates and handrails where necessary. Our scaffolding services are amongst the safest to be found in and around the Gravesend area.


Boardingmakes the structure safer, giving our own scaffolding erectors and your workforcefull and easy access from the tower combined with a safe working platform. Our scaffolding erectors make sure boards are fitted tightly so that materials won’t fall through the cracks. We never use damaged or rotten battens. These are always thrown out for recycling.

Safety Inspections

We inspect scaffolding meticulously on all sites in the Gravesend area, issuing the required safety tags once we have finished. It’s very important for scaffolding to be checked regularly after erection too. All elements are closely scrutinised on a periodic basis to check for any signs of damageincluding broken clasps or braces.

JDM Scaffolding cover theon-siterequirementsof small businesses and major construction companies in Gravesend and the surrounding South East area. Call us today to speak to one of the team about our complete scaffolding services.